Rocket’s Sense Of Safety Activity Book

Published 2019 by A Hero In You Foundation

Written by Bunni Benaron & Kellee McQuinn. Illustrated by Andrea Yomtob. (Rocket Character developed by Wonder Media.)

Activity Book for ages 3-8.

This is an activity book created in partnership with the LAPD. This book teaches kids practical tools to make smart, split-second decisions when it matters most. 

I completed illustrations using Adobe Illustrator

Birdie Flies Away

Published 2012 by Lectura Books

Written by Kat Aragon. Illustrated by Andrea Yomtob.

Bilingual Book for ages 2-5.

This is a story about how we all grow at our own pace. Some are ready to leave the nest early, while others need a little more time.

I completed illustrations using ink and acrylic on paper.